At Primex, we’re committed to going green and setting meaningful sustainability goals. One of the ways we’ve been doing that is rethinking how we package our products to create less waste, use less cardboard, and reduce material scrap.

As this year’s Earth Day reminds us, the time to invest in our planet is now, and everybody needs to play their part, including businesses. We all are responsible for investing in green innovation and seeking more sustainable solutions.

We started introducing more eco-conscious packaging options last year, and we’re pleased to announce even more this Earth Day. Our product offering now includes:

  • Options for multi-pack and bulk pallet shipping
  • Improved bulk quantities for the P3000
  • Better matching of separate lids and bases to eliminate inefficiencies

These new options create less waste and allow us to fit more items on each pallet and box. Our customers save on freight and storage charges, onsite labor costs, and onsite waste management.

New Package Options

Multi-Pack Solutions 5/Box

  • 21″ SOHO Pro Bases (w/paintshield), 125-1995 – P2100B-B5
  • 21” SOHO Pro Narrow Deep Lid & Frame, 125-1996 – P2100NDLF-B5
  • 30” SOHO Pro Bases (w/paintshield), 125-1991 – P3000B-B5
  • 30” SOHO Pro Narrow Deep Lid & Frame 125-1992 – P3000NDLF-B5
  • 42” SOHO Pro Bases (w/paintshield), 125-1993 – P4200B-B5
  • 42” SOHO Pro Narrow Deep Lid & Frame Only, 125-1994 – P4200NDLF-B5

Bulk Pallet Solutions 40/Pallet

  • 30” SOHO Pro bases, 125-1217 – P3000B-B40
  • 30” SOHO Pro Narrow Deep, lid & frame, 125-1918 – P3000NDLF-B40
  • 42” SOHO Pro Standard Bases, 125-1917 – P4200B-B40
  • 42” SOHO Pro Narrow Deep Lid & Frame, 125-2071 – P4200NDLF-B40

Bulk Pallet Solutions 60/Pallet

  • 21” SOHO Pro Standard Bases, 125-1990 – P2100B-B60
  • 21” SOHO Pro Narrow Deep Lid & Frame, 125-2072 – P2100NDLF-B60


  • Cat6 110 IDC RJ45 Jack, 180° (White) Bulk 25, 125-0946-WT-25 – Cat6-180-B25-WT
  • Cat6 110 IDC RJ45 Jack, 180° (White) Bulk 100, 125-0946-WT-100 – Cat6-180-B100-WT
  • Cat6A, 180° Tool-less, Unshielded, 25-pack, 125-1629-WT-25 – Cat6A-180-B25-WT
  • 20 STAR6APDJ jacks and 25 white bezels – Bulk pack, 135-0205 – STAR6APDJ-BP

We’re also always interested in learning how to add value to our customers and reduce waste at the job site. We welcome your thoughts and ideas.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you with your projects.