In a perfect world, all buildings had a structured wiring network installed while construction was underway. This way, all cabling could be hidden within walls, floors and ceilings. Unfortunately, most older buildings lack structured wiring and, even newer smart homes continue to need some cabling installed after construction is complete.

Why does this happen? Sometimes because of upgrades to existing cabling and equipment or, in the case of some home theatres, the use of high-end cables that should not be run through walls. Probably the most common reason is the addition of a new broadband connection whether it’s fiber to the home (FTTH) or copper, where the access point is not positioned directly below the distribution box or enclosure.

Running cabling along floors, walls and ceilings is one option but an unsightly one most homeowners will not be happy with. Alternatively, wiring can be fished through existing drywall but this can be messy and tricky especially if there is no access above or below the wall or there are fire blocks in the way.

The best solutions in these situations are plastic channels that guide the cables and blend in with existing moldings like baseboard and casing.  That’s exactly what we’ve developed – the Verge Raceway™ – the ideal cable management system that pairs well with our PR2300 Media Distribution Enclosure. Made from durable and paintable PVC vinyl, the Verge Raceway™ is lightweight, easy-to-install and aesthetically pleasing.

The system comes as a white base and lid, which are sold together and come in a choice of three convenient widths: 1/2”, 1”, 1.5” and lengths of 6’.

A strong adhesive backing holds the base onto the wall making installs an easy one-person job. Then the cabling is simply pressed though the unique PVC retention flap and the finishing lid is snapped into place. The lid locks the cables in and provides a low-profile, seamless installation with a clean finish. The lid is easily removed for maintenance without damaging the raceway

Multiple accessories are available to provide a tidy cable run. Simply attach these to the wall or ceiling to route cabling around corners. These include both inside and outside 90 degree corner pieces as well as a ceiling drop, a right-angled bend and a tee junction.

Installation Overview Video: