Dear Valued Customer,
Primex has made a functional and aesthetic product design enhancement to the SOHO Pro™ Media Panel line that updates the bottom knockouts on the base of the enclosure to snap-in/out caps and covers. This improves the speed of installation, minimizes tool usage, and raises the UL-compliance standard.

The Update
We have removed the two rectangular and two circular molded-in knockouts from the P2100B, P3000B, P4200B and P6300B SOHO Pro™ Media Panels. Primex is replacing these with easy to install, snap-in caps and covers.

Product Release
We anticipate all five models to be transitioned over to the new style by the end of 2020. All bases manufactured in 2021 will include the caps/covers update though there may be some residual inventory of product that will make its way into the marketplace.

Affected Models (Part numbers)
SOHO Pro™ Media Panels:
P2100 – 125-1188, 125-0997, 125-1741
P3000 – 125-0990, 125-0571, 125-1743
P4200 – 125-1212, 125-0993, 125-1744
P6300 – 125-1375, 125-0786, 125-1745

Advantages of Update

  • Improved installation time for electrical outlets and structured wiring within the Media Panels.
  • Reduces need for cutting tools and improves safety.
  • Improved UL-compliance.