2-Line Filtered and Auxiliary DSL Jack

The Primex In-line Filter connects between the wall jack and voice device (e.g. phone, fax, answering machine, Caller ID) providing both an unfiltered DSL jack for DSL
connection and a filtered jack for a single line of voice device communications.

In-line DSL filters isolate telephone equipment impedances from ADSL, delivering high bandwidth ADSL transmission capabilities.

Product Features

• Compatible with ADSL, ADSL2+, VDSL2 to 30 MHz (data only)
• Filter topology: 2-pole low pass
• Contacts (Plug and Jacks) Minimum 50 micro-inch of gold and nickel
• 2 filtered lines through one jack (pins 3 & 4, 2 & 5) and unfiltered signal through the other jack
• Customer installable