Surge Protected 360° Electrical Outlet

The 360° Electrical Outlet has unique rotating sockets which allows for effective power cable routing within a tight space.

This surge protected unit doubles the sockets from two to four while fitting compactly within Primex SOHO Pro™ P2100, P3000, P4200 and P6300 Media Panels.

Install two side-by-side in a SOHO Pro™ Media Panel to increase your outlets to eight.

Product Features

  • 4 Outlets rotate 360° to fit large plugs
  • 918 Joules of surge protection safeguards all your electronics
  • EMI/RFI power-filtration for clean, noise-free power
  • Rating: 15A / 120V / 1800W / 60Hz standardized
  • Joule Rating: 918J
  • Auto Shutdown for protection
  • Protected and Grounded LEDs for reliability
  • 150kHz – 100MHz up to 40dB EMI/RFI Noise Filtration
  • 36,000A Maximum Spike Current
  • 1200V Clamping Voltage
  • <1 nanosecond response time
  • Limited Lifetime warranty

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