Electrical Kit

The Primex Electrical Installation Kit is an all-in-one package that neatly fits into the Primex SOHO Pro™ P2100, P3000, P4200, P6300 Media Panels.

Conveniently packaged, the kit features a gang box, outlet, faceplate, connector and 4 conduit adapters for the knockouts on Primex Media Panels.

Product Features

  • Provides power to internal components of the Primex P2100, P3000, P4200, P6300 Media Panels.
  • Complete kit: gang box, outlet, faceplate, connector, 4 conduit adapters (in 2 sizes)
  • Standardized 15A, 125V power
  • 4 conduit adapters for easy installation of conduit through Media Panel knockouts.
    *Must be installed by professional electrician.

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