The Primex Wave P1000MFSC-THG12SASD is a mid-size 12 fiber splice and connect enclosure ideal for FTTH MDU applications.

The integrated Splice Tray and service divider allow for the efficient and protected connection and management of 12 fiber applications.

Product Features

  • Low-profile enclosure with 12 fiber splice and storage and connection of FTTH applications.
  • Secure integrated fiber management via SC/APC adapters and Fusion Splice Tray.
  • Integrated ratchet cable spool allows for quick and easy slack storage release of outgoing cables without disconnection.
  • Pre-connectorized with single mode G.652.D fiber to splice with incoming fiber.
  • Snap lock and hex bolt provide secure service provider access 24/7.
  • High quality UV-protected PVC made in North America for long-lasting fiber protection in demanding weather conditions.
  • Four robust one-inch ports with grommets for protected fiber entry and exit.
  • External wall and pole mounting brackets allow for quick and easy deployment.
  • UL-listed and industry-standardized for easy implementation.

Product Videos

Wave P1000MFSC-THG12SASD w/service divider Demonstration

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