Rail Mounting System (RMS)

The patented Primex Rail Mounting System (RMS) mounts components and accessories easily in the P2100, P3000, P4200, P6300, and PR1500 SOHO Pro Media Panels.

If purchasing as a kit, the durable plate snaps into place quickly via the pushpins while the tool-less brackets hold components securely for versatile component configuration.

Available as individual pieces or as a kit.

Product Features

  • Patented plate and bracket system for quick and easy component mounting inside Primex P2100, P3000, P4200, P6300, and PR1500 Media Panels.
  • Toolless brackets securely hold modems, ONTs, UPS’ and component management accessories.
  • Single (RMB), double (RMB2), and keyhole (RMK) brackets to configure and/or stack almost any component.
  • Lightweight and easy to install with snap-in pushpins.

Product Videos

SOHO Pro™ Mounting Systems Installation

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Pre-loading the Rail Mounting System

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Primex Accessories

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