SOHO Pro P2100 Media Panel

The Primex SOHO Pro™ P2100 WiFi transparent media panel forms the centerpiece of the connected home. It provides a centralized distribution point for the components and services that make today’s homes smart.

Its flexible design and selection of mounting systems provide a convenient, secure, enclosure for installing and distributing broadband and smart home services within residential premises.

Also available in 30”, 42”, and 63” sizes with narrow/deep options.

Product Features

• WiFi transparent, engineered plastic delivers up to 15x more WiFi pass-through than metal alternatives.
• Large internal space for installation of active, passive, and cable management components.
• Standardized mounting hole pattern supports unique Primex Rail, Shelf, and Universal Mounting Systems for components.
• Multiple entry/exit knockouts on top and bottom support microduct and robust cable runs.
• Lightweight design allows for easy transport and installation.
• Optional key or hex locks available for enhanced security.
• UL-compliant and fire-retardancy tested for heightened safety and durability.
*Enclosures should not be mounted in a fire-rated wall.

Product Videos

SOHO Pro™ Media Panel Installation

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SOHO Pro™ Mounting System Installation

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SOHO Pro™ Media Panel Overview

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SOHO Pro™ Media Panel Frame Extender Installation

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