Verge MDE Frame Extender

The Verge MDE Frame Extender accessory allows for increased mounting depth inside Primex Media Distribution Enclosures.

Sold separately, the unit can be mounted beneath a standard MDE frame to increase the internal depth by 1” or stacked for additional depth.

It’s designed to accommodate oversized equipment such as battery backups, DOCSIS 3.1 modems, etc.

Product Features

  • Adds 1” depth to Primex Verge MDE for oversized components.
  • Installs easily between standard frame/lid and drywall.
  • Sold separately as an accessory for optional size increase as needed.
  • Stackable in 1” increments for scalable expansion.
  • Sold in two halves and assembled on site for reduced warehouse storage.
  • Designed to retrofit easily with existing MDE installations.
  • High quality engineered plastic made in North America for long-lasting component protection.
  • UL-listed and industry-standardized for easy implementation.

Product Videos

Verge MDE Frame Extender Installation Video

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Primex Accessories

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Verge Media Distribution Enclosures: Large Component Mounting

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