Verge P4200ND (Narrow/Deep) Media Distribution Enclosure

The Primex Verge P4200ND WiFi transparent Media Distribution Enclosure (Narrow/Deep model) provides a lockable, centralized location for multi-play and smart home services within residential and commercial premises.

The Narrow/Deep model adds 1” of depth and reduces the frame width by 1” to allow for larger components, side by side mounting, and corner installation.

The optional Side Mounting Clip (SMC) allows installation via affixing to the sidewall of the MDE.

Product Features

  • Large internal space for installation of active, passive, and cable management components.
  • Adds 1” of depth; reduces by 1” width to allow for larger components, side by side mounting and corner installation.
  • Wifi-transparent, engineered plastic delivers up to 15x more wireless pass-through than metal alternatives.
  • Standardized mounting hole pattern supports patented Primex Rail, Shelf, and Universal Mounting Systems for components.
  • Multiple entry/exit knockouts on top and bottom support microduct and robust cable runs.
  • Lightweight design for easy transport and installation.
  • Optional Side Mount Clips (SMC) available for side mount installation in non-standard stud spacing.
  • Optional key or hex locks available for enhanced security.
  • UL-compliant and fire-retardancy tested for heightened safety and durability.
    *Enclosures should not be mounted in a fire-rated wall.

Product Videos

Verge MDE Installation Overview

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Verge Media Distribution Enclosures: Large Component Mounting

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