Download eBookWhy Wires Matter More Than Ever

The recent consumer availability of intelligent, voice controlled Smart Home Hubs by major vendors such as the Amazon Echo Dot, Apple HomePod, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, and Wink Hub have generated renewed and broad interest in the ability to control sound systems, smart lights, digital locks, security cameras, thermostats, lawn sprinkler systems, and more, especially with hubs priced as low as $49.

When you add to that—waking up to your favorite tunes, the weather forecast, your stock prices, news headlines, message dictation, voice assisted internet searches, ordering and booking, fitness and health management, even playing online video games—then you have an entirely new dimension to Internet enabled ‘convenience’.

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Download eBookThe Smart Home Installer’s Guide to Structured Wiring for Audio & Video

The future of connected smart homes lies in something as old school as structured wiring. Why? Because it takes the burden off the wireless network!

Download our guide to understand the nuts and bolts of what affects network speed and bandwidth, how to manage the demands of 4K and 8K video, and what to do about lossy compression.

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Download eBookThe Builder’s Guide to Smart Home Security

Smart home builders – do your customers dream of living in a futuristic home with AI-enabled security? Or maybe they want to keep it simple?

Learn how to integrate all types of smart home security tech in new home construction. This e-book gives you the latest research so you can inform your customers about data security.

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Download eBookThe Home Builder’s Guide to Smart Homes

The term “smart home” has been around for awhile now. Today, the term implies some kind of remote control from a smart phone. Home builders and installers can gain a competitive advantage by integrating high-speed enclosures that will adapt to homeowners’ smart home needs over time.

This e-book provides everything you need to know about the advantages of homes built with broadband and smart features in mind.

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Download eBookA Guide to Installing Broadband

Subscribers today are expecting TV, broadband, video, data and voice to be delivered at the highest speeds possible. Telcos are rapidly transitioning their infrastructure to fiber networks, which have almost unlimited capacity to deliver these services.

For builders, this represents an opportunity to integrate all kinds of smart devices into homes. This e-book gives you everything you need to know about installing broadband.

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