If you’re a fiber ISP or telco, one area of your business that’s likely long overdue for an efficiency boost is on-site FTTH installation. Scheduling calls, deploying installers, and completing work inside customers’ homes can quickly gobble up a lot of non-billable hours.

Fortunately, there’s now a much smoother way to tackle these installs. The key is to leverage an easy connect program, where the end-user completes the installation’s final – relatively simple – steps.

Here’s how an easy connect program works with our SOHO Pro line of products

1. Select a plug-and-play media panel

Start by selecting one of our plug-and-play media panels that can house all network equipment needed to complete the FTTH install.

For retrofits, we recommend a SOHO PRO™ media panel PR10 or PR1500. These options are WiFi transparent and serve as a centralized distribution point for all the components and tech needed to meet the demands of today’s smart homes.

These media panels are designed to streamline retrofit installations in single-family or multi-dwelling units. In these situations, there may be no existing in-wall solution, so the enclosure is designed to be free-standing with the optional stand, or it can be mounted directly on an interior wall.

Additionally, the attractive low-profile design has a finish that blends well with a wide range of existing residential décor. It incorporates a protective, decorative shape to prevent customers from placing spillable items on top.

2. Preload components in the panel

Once you’ve selected a media panel and removed the desired knockouts, it’s time to preload and connect all the components needed for the installation. Doing this ahead of time means a trained installer doesn’t need to visit the home to set up the media panel and connect all required components on site.

3. Pre-wire the panel, and deliver

Once you determine the internal layout of your equipment, it’s time to pre-wire the panel so that the customer only must do a few simple steps to complete the in-home installation.

With the knockouts removed, you can install keystone adapters to enable simple plug-and-play installation. When doing this, ensure you provide enough slack for both the fiber and power cables, giving the customer more flexibility when installing the unit.

As the media panel is preloaded and wired, it is ready to be delivered to the customer’s doorstep. At that point, the customer simply unboxes the media panel and follows a few simple steps to complete the installation.

Our retrofit media panels can be wall mounted or used freestanding. Both options are relatively easy to carry out by following a set of provided instructions. Once the media panel is placed or mounted, all the customer has to do is run the fiber from the panel into an outlet and plug the power into an AC outlet.

Easy connect is a win-win. By completing the specialized stages of the brownfield installation ahead of time, service providers minimize the cost of scheduling and deploying installers to work inside residences. And residents can easily install it at their own convenience.