We’ve previously covered on our ‘Why It’s Finally Time to Invest in Remote Working for Your Company’ post that more and more business leaders should start working from home to keep themselves (and their employees) safe and healthy. However, this abrupt change can be quite difficult to adjust to.

Thankfully, this new normal doesn’t have to be a challenge when you have the right equipment. To help ensure that your operations will run smoothly even if you’re working from home, here’s what you’ll need to equip yourself with:

A Strong Internet Connection

From having daily check-ins with your employees to making sure that your customers are happy with their purchases, your work-from-home set-up will rely on your internet connection. This is why it’s crucial to have a strong, high-speed subscription in your home office. Indeed, digital nomad James Gonzales highlights the importance of ensuring that you have a stable connection, as this helps you accomplish your work tasks with more ease. While DSL or cable are typically offered by different providers, it’s best to have a fiber internet connection to work at top speed. In fact, tech writer Anthony Heddings shares that fiber internet isn’t just faster than DSL and cable, but it can also carry large amounts of data that can reach multiple terabits in a single line.

It’s important to make sure you have a secure connection to avoid any interruptions. Our Media Panels are WiFi transparent, giving you the strong connection you need to effectively work from home.

Security Suite

With telecommuting quickly becoming the norm, it goes without saying that we’ll be spending more and more hours online. This, in turn, sadly makes you increasingly susceptible to cyber-attacks. True enough, the Verge reports that Google noticed more than 18 million daily malware and phishing emails related to the pandemic. Fortunately, you can protect your data by installing a security suite, as it can detect a fraudulent link or attachment. Make sure that your product has all the basic necessities, which include a good antivirus program, ransomware protection, and a powerful firewall.

Wireless HDMI Transmitter

You’ll be using your computer more than ever before when you’re telecommuting. While there’s nothing wrong with your desktop or laptop screen, it’s always great to literally take a step back and see things from a different perspective. In this regard, you should consider investing in a wireless HDMI transmitter, since it allows you more freedom when you’re working from home. This way, you’ll feel less stuck in your workstation, as you can view presentations or meetings on your television — whether it’s located in your living room or even bedroom.

While managing your company may feel far from normal during these unique and uncertain times, equipping yourself with these tools ensures that you’ll work effectively even at home.


Article exclusively written for primex.com

By Ronda Joyce