SpeedStar™ Cat3 Jack

Primex SpeedStar™ Cat3 voice grade jacks provide a modular solution for delivering multiple lines of voice service. Jacks with CorroShield® gel protects against corrosion that can lead to loss of service and costly service calls.

SpeedStar™ modules are for use with Primex’s SpeedStar™ faceplates, bezels and surface mount housings. The jack terminates up to 4-pair of 22-26 AWG wire.

Product Features

• Easy installation from rear of faceplate
• Compatible with SpeedStar™ products (bezels, faceplates, and surface mount housings)
• Terminates with standard 110 termination tools
• Dust covers for IDC terminations
• CorroShield® gel equipped jacks protects from dust, moisture, and other components