Fiber Multi-Port

The Primex Fiber Multi-Port is an easy-to-install lay-in grommet that seals out dust and rodents from enclosures.

Ideal for multiple drops from either a splitter or splice, the Multi-Port runs from 1-8 fibers between 2mm – 4.3mm.

Pre-connectorized cable can be placed into the enclosure without having to worry about the connector fitting through the grommet. It also allows for multiple entry at different times.

Product Features

  • Easy-to-install lay-in grommet.
  • Multiple configurations from 1-8 fibers for application versatility.
  • Keeps dust and rodents out of enclosure.
  • Allows for pre-connectorization which reduces installation time.

Product Videos

Multi-Port Overview

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Primex Accessories

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