Fiber Transition Case 2 (FTC2)

The Primex Fiber Transition Case 2 (FTC2) is a compact, elegant transition point for storing up to 3’ of fiber drop cable and a simplex connector. It’s ideal for test points, fiber-to-the-desk, and repair splices within a residence.

This low-profile, aesthetically-pleasing enclosure conveniently fits over the footprint of standard wall outlets or within Primex Verge MDE’s. Splice holders and adapter mounts on each side and an externally accessible adapter mount for tight-space applications provides true versatility for FTTH installations.

Product Features

• Indoor fiber termination case that safely and efficiently stores up to 3’ of fiber slack.
• Versatile mounting in either Primex Verge MDE’s or on-wall over a standard gang box or mud ring.
• Low-profile design fits seamlessly into residential settings with minimal visual impact.
• Four simplex fiber adapter, and two splice mounting locations for versatile installation.
• Splice Clip compatible with fusion, ribbon, or mechanical splices.
• Break-off tabs provide flexibility for most FTTX installations.
• Available adapter/splice holder allows scaling for up to two fibers.
• Shuttered adapter version allows customer fiber access without opening enclosure.
• Tamper-resistant cover to restrict access.
• Mounting hardware included for MDE or gang box.

Product Videos

FTC2 Installation Overview

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FTC2 Inside Verge MDE Installation

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FTC2 Gang Box Installation

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