The Primex Wave P250FCC-XHX2SA is an economical dual fiber, cross-connect OSP enclosure ideal for FTTH SFU or duplex applications where space is limited.

The simplex SC/APC adapters and integrated cable (Hurricane) clips allow for the quick connection and management of dual fiber applications.

Product Features

  • Compact, low profile design provides a simple two fiber cross-connect for SFU or small business applications.
  • Integrated fiber management and splice clips for storing and connecting two fibers.
  • Snap lock and hex bolt provide secure service provider access 24/7.
  • High quality UV-protected PVC made in North America for long-lasting fiber protection in demanding weather conditions.
  • Two robust 3/4” ports with grommets for protected fiber entry and exit.
  • External wall and pole mounting brackets allow for quick and easy deployment.
  • UL-listed and industry-standardized for easy implementation.

Product Videos

Wave P250 with FTO Installation

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