Side Mount Clip (SMC)

The Primex Verge Side Mounting Clip (SMC) allows for Media Distribution Enclosures (MDE) to be installed into the stud via the sidewall of the enclosure.
This installation accessory works with all Narrow/Deep models of Primex MDE’s (P2100ND, P3000ND, P4200ND, PR1500N). Additionally, it supports mounting tape for cable management within the MDE.

Product Features

• Side Mount Clips (SMC) available for side mount installation in non-standard stud spacing.
• Fits all Primex Narrow/Deep models for ease of installation.
• Ideal for building codes requiring drywall inside stud base.
• 4 clips required for installation in P2100ND, P3000ND, PR1500N; 6-8 clips for P4200ND.
• Additional clips can be added to Narrow/Deep MDE’s for cable management when used with mounting tape.
• Comes in box of 40 for on-site bulk installation.
• Includes mounting screws.
• UL-listed for heightened safety and durability.

Product Videos

Side Mounting Clip (SMC) for Narrow/Deep MDE's

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