SOHO Pro Media Panel Lock Kits

Primex offers two types of secure locking systems for SOHO Pro™ P2100, P3000, P4200, P6300 and PR1500 Media Panels.

The Key Lock Kit provides secure, limited access via either single (P2100), double (P3000/P4200/PR1500), or triple(P6300) key locks.

The Hex Lock Kit limits access via either a single (P2100), double (P3000/P4200/PR1500), or triple (P6300) hex lock that requires a 5/8” can wrench for access.

Both styles of locks serve to limit end-user access effectively.

Product Features

• Two styles of locks available (Hex and Key) for different applications.
• Key lock provides secure, restricted access to enclosures.
• Hex lock restricts access while allowing standard hex tool to be used.
• PR1500 lock kits come with snap in lock comb for variable locking depth to accommodate different drywall and equipment sizes.
• Minimal tools required for for ease of installation.
• Key locks come with 90° and 180° rotation stops