Summer is finally here, and your customers will want to spend more time outside. Fortunately for them, their broadband is protected by secure weatherproof enclosures that enable them to get the most out of their yard. Whether your customers want their yard to be an entertainment hub or a retreat from the busy world, smart technology can help them.

Smart Entertainment

For many of your customers, backyard entertainment begins with the barbecue. With products like the Lynx Home Grill, your customers can control their grill with voice commands. There are also a number of barbecues on the market that can be controlled with a smartphone, including the Chef Smart, which uses charcoal rather than gas. Those who want only a little assistance on the grill can use the Weber iGrill, a smart thermometer that helps backyard chefs cook the perfect steak.

Outdoor entertainment systems are nothing new, but they are much more sophisticated than they used to be. At the upper end of the market there are options such as C Seed which has speakers and subwoofer that rise from the ground when you need them and retract when they are not in use. More than just a product with a nifty trick, these speakers have a sound projection range that delivers quality sound across a large yard. There are also many other smart outdoor speakers on the market for under $500.

Smart lighting has moved outdoors, and there are some fun options available. For example, with Playbulb, a smartphone controls the color and lighting effects on solar garden lights.  And in many cases, your customers can convert their current outdoor lighting into smart lighting by installing wireless switches that communicate with their smart home hub.

Smart Gardening

Smart irrigation systems give your customer a healthy lawn and healthy savings on their water bill. Devices such as the Spruce intelligent irrigation system combine data collected from soil sensors with weather data along with your local watering restrictions to make decisions about the best time to water. They will cancel a watering session if they detect the soil has enough moisture, and they will water at the most effective time of day based on the weather conditions. There’s also some plant sensors on the market that can measure light and soil composition, providing insights and control that benefit both the beginner and experienced gardener.

And for your customers who don’t have a yard and want to bring a little of the summer inside, there are all sorts of indoor garden options. From the small Click and Grow that holds a few small plants to Grove, an aquaponic system that can grow a small garden’s worth of vegetables in the same space as a desk. Then there’s Biopod, an indoor microclimate that your customer can use to grow whatever kind of plant or animal they like.

Smart Relaxation

Two things that make it hard to relax outdoors are harsh sunlight and bugs. With smart outdoor shading systems, your customers can control the sunlight on their patios by installing motorized rollers with mesh fabric that lets the breeze through but blocks UV rays. The same rollers can provide a mesh that keeps bugs out.

With home automation, your customers can enjoy the relaxing qualities of water features with less maintenance stress. They can control and monitor pumps and filters to ensure that ponds have all they need to keep fish and water plants healthy. Decorative fountains can be set up to turn on only when someone is outside in the yard.