As we look forward to an exciting 2019 in the telco and smart home industry, here’s a list of our most-read blog posts on The Switch.

Why 5G won’t replace fiber or cable broadband

If you’ve been reading the headlines about the 5G revolution and imagining smart home installations free of splicing and connecting cable, think again. Trust us – 5G isn’t going to replace wired internet anytime soon!

Five steps to improving your customers’ wireless network

Let’s face of it – most people’s lives are powered by Wi-Fi. It keeps smart homes functional and keeps everyone connected to the outside world. Where does your job – to provide a quality broadband connection – start and end?

Wave 2 wireless for tsunami grade speeds

Wave 2 wireless is a new standard that promises to make Gigabit wireless a reality for your customers. Who doesn’t want that? Learn how to ride this exciting new wave with our network tips.

Why router selection is a vital part of broadband installation

Your customer’s smart home has fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) internet with speeds of 150 Megabits per second (Mbps) and they have a clear Wi-Fi signal through their Wi-Fi transparent media panel. But, is that enough to guarantee that all their connected devices are going to work at their best?

How to get the most out of a hybrid network

As the modern connected home evolves, smart phones controlling wireless devices are becoming commonplace. What’s become necessary is creating hybrid systems that incorporate hardwired cabling as well as Wi-Fi capability.