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We listen to our customers’ stories and learn about their challenges. We create innovative products based on those needs. With over a million SOHO Pro™ Media Panel installed in homes across North America, we’ve been making smart enclosures before homes were smart.

It started with one German engineer, a brilliant injection molder who knew how to create designs for others. He listened to the industry’s problems, anticipated customers’ needs, and began to customize solutions for them.

Plastic, a lighter, more Wi-Fi transparent material than metal, lent itself well to the demands of our partners. Our telecom enclosures were a logical extension of the connectivity we’d been enabling from the start. From our foundation of supporting service providers, to builders, and now smart home integrators, we know enclosures.

Collaboration with customers lead to the first SOHO Pro™ Media Panel. Customers told us they needed a lightweight solution for housing Wi-Fi and fiber optic installations in new homes. It had to be robust in size and utility, yet low-profile in design. A seamless and easy fit into homes was key. We listened. And then we exceeded our customers’ expectations. The SOHO Pro™ P3000 became the standard.

Since then, we’ve added to the SOHO Pro™ Media Panel family with more sizes and options in response to our customer’s needs. From the retrofit SOHO Pro™ PR2300 Media Panel that quickly adds smart home functionality to existing homes, to the SOHO Pro™ PR1500 Allfield Media Panel with its patented smart lid, we continue listening to industry needs.

And we’ve continued solving problems by providing first time, on time, every time service, creating a range of unique component mounting systems, expanding our support department, and being the first plastic enclosure company to become UL2416 compliant.

Years of trusted partnerships have empowered us to install more plastic enclosures than all of our competitors combined and become #PrimexStrong.

Now it’s your turn. What can we do for you?