Mixed-use developments (MxU) are rapidly becoming more commonplace in urban planning and development across North America. With diverse mixes of tenants – from residential units to light commercial shops to industrial spaces – these types of projects present complex challenges for telecom professionals.

With multiple wireless networks in such proximity, for example, there’s an ever-present risk of interference, as a coffee shop’s Wi-Fi network might interfere with a resident’s smart home devices.

The diverse tenant mix also leads to diverse connectivity needs. Residential units might require stable connections for home entertainment, while retail stores in the same development require robust point-of-sale systems.

The need for fiber solutions tailored to MxU

Traditional telecom solutions for mixed-use developments have struggled to overcome these challenges.

Different zones within a mixed-use development often have varying bandwidth, speed, and reliability requirements. These different zones create problems when one-size-fits-all solutions are deployed, such as switching between various adapters for different connectivity needs or contending with recurring bulkhead issues during installation.

These challenges don’t just mean more time on site during installation. They can result in additional costs with connection drops, reduced signal quality, and maintenance issues.

Solutions designed exclusively for residential or standalone commercial spaces often lack the flexibility to seamlessly accommodate new users, services, or expansions.

Streamlining MxU installs with a Connectorized Fiber Terminal (CFT)

On the other hand, solutions designed specifically for mixed-use developments prioritize scalability and ensure that the infrastructure can more easily adapt to changing requirements over time.

With a Primex Wave Fiber Connectorized Fiber Terminal (CFT), for example, MxU telecom pros can work faster and install more deployments daily because its tailor-made for mixed-use developments.

Specifically designed with pre-terminated fiber assemblies, the CFT is an ideal fit for main equipment rooms, secondary equipment rooms, and demarcation locations. Eternal mounting brackets facilitate a swift and straightforward installation. Its compact design ensures the product can be accommodated in space-constrained locations. And a built-in service separator helps installers distinguish between the service side and the customer side.

Real-world collaboration with MxU teams

Primex’s CFT is a solution that’s tailor-made for MxU developments because it was designed in close collaboration with industry pros, and their input was used to refine the design to address specific technical challenges.

During the testing installation phase of the original enclosure, the team noted a few challenges with the bulkhead and adapters. To address these issues, the Primex team worked with the on-site team to refine the design and solve the challenges. The end result was a unit that installs twice as fast, which allowed the service provider team to lower labor costs and avoid development delays.

“I honestly wish we had this product two or three years ago,” explained Charles Burnette, a cable installation supervisor at Frankfort Plant Board.

Designing solutions for specific MxU challenges

As mixed-use developments continue to grow in popularity, it’s important for telecom teams and installers to use solutions tailormade for MxU environments.

The varied mix of residential, commercial, and sometimes industrial spaces within these developments means the telecom infrastructure needs to be versatile, flexible, and dependable.

Specialized solutions like Primex’s Wave Fiber CFT – developed by incorporating real-world feedback from industry pros in the field – can help development teams lower costs by ensuring smoother and more efficient installs.