Fiber to the home continues to grow in popularity, which means more and more Brownfield installations of fiber optic cable are being undertaken. If you’ve ever had to perform one of these installations, you already know some of the pain points.

One problem facing installers is that fiber cable often comes pre-connectorized. And while this is convenient in one sense (no connectorization is required on the part of the installer), it makes installing the cable within an Outside Plant Enclosure (OSP) difficult, since the connector won’t fit through a conventional OSP grommet.

With a conventional grommet, you need to thread un-connectorized (bare) cable through one of the grommet’s holes and then attach a connector after the fact. This is unnecessarily time consuming and, due to the on-site attachment of the connector, results in a less reliable fiber cable.fiber-multiport

This is why we created the Fiber Multi-Port, a versatile lay-in grommet for Outside Plant Enclosures that allows you to easily install pre-connectorized fiber cable.
With the Fiber Multi-Port, instead of threading bare fiber cable through holes in the grommet, you lay pre-connectorized cable into the grommet by way of slots cut into the rubber gland’s sides. Then you assemble the rest of the Multi-Port around the grommet, and slot the unit into the enclosure.

multiport-angled-8-port-installedOur Fiber Multi-Port can accommodate between 1 and 8 pre-connectorized fiber cables that are between 2mm and 4.3mm in size. Once installed, the Multi-Port ensures that dust, dirt, debris, and rodents are kept out of the enclosure.

For installers, the Fiber Multi-Port offers an easy, time-saving solution that also happens to produce more effective installations, without the need to connectorize a fiber cable on site. The Fiber Multi-Port fits Primex enclosures: P500, P750, P1000, P1500 (slide in grommet models only).