P1500SSFSC with Service Divider

The Primex Wave P1500SSFSC with Service Divider is a large, 24 fiber, splice and connect enclosure that cleanly and easily separates the splice tray and cross-connect adapters for multi-tiered installations.

The design incorporates Primex fiber splice trays, fan out kit and a unique adjustable fiber management system for efficient and compact installation. Access is restricted to the splice compartment via a Torx™ screw and it includes snap and hex or override locks for secure access.

Product Features

• Compact, low profile design provides simple fiber splice and connect point for 24 fiber MDU applications.
• Integrated ratchet cable spool allows for quick and easy slack storage release of outgoing cables without disconnection.
• Pre-connectorized with single mode G.652.D fiber to splice with incoming fiber.
• Equipped with Primex 12 (2) fiber trays and fan out kits for compact, efficient splicing.
• Low profile 90° cable clips and ties for efficient cable management.
• Quick release splice mount allows for rapid removal and installation of splice tray.
• High quality UV-protected PVC made in North America for long-lasting fiber protection in demanding weather conditions.
• External wall mounting tabs that eliminate the need to drill through the box, allowing for quick and easy deployment.