P350 2 Fiber NID Enclosure

The Primex Wave P350FSC-THG2SA is a compact, double-fiber outside plant enclosure ideal for single family FTTH applications.

This fiber splice and connect (FSC) FTTH solution includes a splice clip, cable management clips, two SC-APC adapters, and a ground block for effective, efficient cable management.

Product Features

• Compact, versatile FTTH enclosure ideal for test and transition points for single family units.
• Available with cable management as a splice and connect enclosure (FSC) with two SC/APC adapters and a splice clip.
• Lid-mounted gasket, snap lock and hex bolt provide secure service provider access 24/7.
• Three robust half-inch ports with rubber grommets and lid gasket for protected fiber entry and exit
• UL-Listed High quality UV-protected PVC made in North America for long-lasting fiber protection.