Verge P2100 Media Distribution Enclosure

The Primex P2100 WiFi transparent Verge Media Distribution Enclosure for structured wiring brings reliability when managing today’s inside cable system requirements.

Its flexible design provides a convenient and centralized location for easy installation and distribution of multiplay services within residential and commercial premises.

*Enclosures should not be installed in a fire rated wall.

Product Features

  • One convenient and centralized location for easy installation and distribution of multi-play services.
  • WiFi transparent plastic delivers up to 15 times more wireless signal strength than metal alternatives.
  • Eliminate interference with equipment such as a router’s wireless signal with ABS polymer construction.
  • Easy installation and transportation with the lightweight design.
  • Multiple entry/exit knockouts on the sides, top, and bottom make them completely adaptable.
  • Increase flexibility of installation with a mounting hole pattern.
  • Assure safety and durability with UL safety standard compliance, ABS flame retardant polymer.
  • Optional frame extender accessory adds 1″ of depth to enclosure

Product Videos

Verge Media Distribution Enclosure Installation

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Verge Mounting System Installation

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Verge Media Distribution Enclosure Overview

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Verge MDE Frame Extender Installation

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